minimal techno tech-house by teleskopik recordings

Welcome to TKK

Minimal Techno | Tech-House Record Label

Teleskopik Recordings, created in 2008, is a record label that produces well-crafted minimal techno and tech-house music. Of course none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the artists who we work with for their unique and intelligent sound, their professionalism and their creative desire to make a difference on the dance floor for people who appreciate good music.

Our current artists include experienced and full-time music producers such as Dave Tarrida, Jamie Ball as Action Bastard and Cave Sedem, while acknowledging the talents of up and coming producers such as Elexx, mr23, Joe Europe and Olivier S.


Whether you are a DJ that would like to receive our promo’s or an artist looking for representation just simply visit our contact page. For those yet to hear the sounds of Teleskopik we invite you to visit our releases catalog. Enjoy!

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What the DJ's have to say ...

  • 'Two fantastic tunes that throb in all the best ways. Origins has to be my pick though ... Nice work all around.'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    DJ Paul Pop
  • 'Wilderness sounds good, thanks.'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    Brendan Collins aka Summer | Fade Records | Tulipa Recordings | EevoNext
  • 'Cool tracks ...'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    DJ Tyler Stadius | Deep Xperience | Fabric Records
  • 'Origins has a nice darker tech vibe to it.'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    DJ Tronic | Resistance Recordings | Soupwarz | C.H.R.
  • 'Origins is great. Directly in my USB.'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    DJ Fady | Silver Club, Bucharest
  • 'Loving the funk rhythms of both these tracks. Will air them on our radio show in the next month.'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    Greg | UnderGround BroadCast Radio
  • 'Excellent. Will support, 9/10.'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    Dingle (Metadeko) | Baroque| Babylon | Workout | Bonzai
  • 'Nice work, good track. Will support, 9/10.'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    Simon Chambers | Strictly Guestlist, Brighton
  • 'Wilderness is a masterpiece. Forward-thinking, up-to-date, very nice. More tunes like this!'
    Boom Merchant | Origins
    DJ Daesmith
  • 'Will support Allegro Mas No Tropo, 8/10.'
    In Pulse | Urban Owl
    DJ Flacxa | Tag Club, Italy
  • 'Nice, will support Urban Owl, 8/10.'
    In Pulse | Urban Owl
    Suffused | Suffused Music | Mistique Music | LuPS Recordings
  • 'Cool sounds. Makes me think of Maetrik. Will try for sure.'
    In Pulse | Urban Owl
    DJ Estroe | Connaisseur Recordings | EevoNext | Tulipa Recordings
  • 'Sounds really good. Thank-you.'
    In Pulse | Urban Owl
    DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz