Teleskopik Recordings is pleased to introduce a new artist to their label, Elias Kühn who also happens to be our first release of 2016. The main track "Lightning Sphere" is simply an outstanding dance floor piece, full of heavy basslines, syncopated rhythms and beautiful riffs, inseparably rich and dark with a hint of the old school feel. The flip-side, "Pearl Valley" delivers a beautifully engineered tech sound, where solid rhythms are combined with beautifully written uplifting melodies. The EP will be released on 19.02.16 so make sure to check back with us for an audio sampling.

We’d also like to remind you that our last release ‘Years 5&6’ is currently on sale at all major online music stores, including Beatport. The compilation includes tracks by Olivier S, Elexx, Dries Tessens, Sylar, Wiseman theFamous, LeSombre, Alex Snell and In Pulse, plus four exclusive unreleased bonus tracks. The feedback I think says it all …

You can, of course, hear a preview of most of the tacks on this website. Until next time ...

  • ‘5/5. Urban Owl - This is wicked!’ James Crone (Hybrid Theory)
  • ‘4/5. Cupid (mr23 mix) for me!’ DJ Marco Loco
  • ‘4/5. Cool tracks, thanks!’ Steve Mac
  • ‘4/5. Interesting sounds - Elexx, Joe Europe, Oliver S & Sylar tracks are the top four on this for me.’ John Beach (Ibiza Sonica)
  • ‘4/5. Säbeltanz - Killer!’ Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba)
  • ‘4/5. Really interesting package.’ Joe Troman (CMYK Nottingham)
  • ‘4/5. Deep and intellectual vibes!’ Paul Barker (DJ Barksta)
  • ‘4/5. Cupid (mr23 Remix) is my pick, techno tech house infusion, smart vocal cuts, rolling vibe. ‘Orion’ is also in the bag, chuggy and deep.’ Richard Max
  • ‘4/5. Cracking EP! Cheers.’ Gary Worrall (Nitenoise)
  • ‘5/5. Fucking awesome E.P.’ Rich Tozer
  • ‘4/5. Good techno.’ Thomas Lambrechts (We Are Prostitutes, Belgium)
  • ‘4/5. So, so Good!’ DJ Yoshi P
  • ‘4/5. Great set of tracks, excellent production and a good diversity of sounds.’ Caz Coronel
  • ‘5/5. Amazing release. Particularly like the tracks by In Pulse, Joe Europe and the one by Oliver S - Ace!’ Tony Gainsborough (Tony SlackShot)
  • ‘4/5. Wicked EP, straight late night techy movers!’ Andy McLean (Laki)
  • ‘4/5. Nice Techno.’ Henri Buschgens (Ollever Buschan)
  • ‘5/5. Fantastic compilation!’ Sandra Sagia (Sagia)
  • ‘5/5. Love every tune on this, especially Orion; a massive tune with great bass lines. Full support here.’ Ralph Parsons (Minsters Bar, UK)
  • ‘4/5. Crispy Worms is the standout track for me.’ Will Brunner (PMT)
  • ‘4/5. Some goodies here, thanks for sending!’ Henry Saiz
  • ‘5/5.’ DJ Anna Lunoe (Beats1, Australia)