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Joe Europe is back with his latest tech-house EP Cupid/Splitscreen

Joe Europe‘s latest release ‘Cupid / Splitscreen‘ is now available to buy online – you can check out the flavor of it by going to our releases page or you can throw caution to the wind and pay homage to our artist with your hard earned shekels by going straight to Beatport. In short it’s a dark and gusty EP with plenty of pulsating rhythms, echoing vocals and strong bass lines – if you like this kind of thing you won’t be disappointed. At all. Not even a smidgen …

  • 'Love it! Will support, 8/10.' - Aaron Lee | Levitate | Nightshade | Polytechnic | 2RB
  • 'Will test it, thanks. Will support, 10/10.' - De Wachtkamer | Bermudos | Proton Radio
  • 'Love the Joe Europe ... Thanks so much.' - Moodymanc (Danny Ward) | 22 Digit Records | Apparel Music | Stratospherik
  • Joe Europe | Slackjaw (Tech-House)

    Coming up next we have a storming EP from mr23 ‘Hypnosis / Floating‘ is full of ominous thrumming, big fat beats, groovy rhythms and lots of sass. Out in July check back with our releases page to get a taste and the actual release date. This is mr23′s second EP released by Teleskopik, with his first one ‘Vortex / Pegasus‘ currently available from selected online music stores including Beatport.

    This will be our last release before summer, but we will be back in September, batteries recharged, to welcome a new artist to Teleskopik by the name of Pereeskop; a very talented DJ/Producer from Ukraine who’s music is influenced by such greats as Thomas Schumacher and Stephan Bodzin. You will soon be able to check his details by going on our artists page. Until September we wish you good listening, good dancing and good times …