November 23rd saw the release of Jamie Ball‘s second EP with Teleskopik. Currently on sale at all major online music stores, including Beatport, this minimal techno EP is refreshingly different.

‘Island Side‘ is full of funky rolling beats while ‘Kowloon Side‘ is more of a breakbeat-downtempo piece built around an hypnotic eastern sounding melody. To get a sampling just go to our releases catalog, it’s worth the extra 2 minutes it will take you to do so! And to back me up, lest you think I’m bias …

  • ‘Wow! Perfect Autumn edition! I like this sound. Every track has got different atmosphere … very sophisticated work, very sensitive arrangements! Must play on our radio show.’ – Myclick | Fluffy Clouds Radio
  • ‘Nice pair of epic tracks.’ – Nick Kazemian | Lowriders Recordings | Gangsta Audio
  • 'Nice. Will support, 10/10.' - DJ Tash | Movement Recordings | Tribal Vision | Vapour
  • 'I love Island Side!! And is in my playlist!! Support Jamie Ball.' - DJ Joseph Maesano | 90wattsrecords | Lion Records | Keep On Records
  • 'Nice. Thanx.' - Orde Meikle | Soma Quality Recordings | Slam
  • 'Thanks. Downloading.' - Todd Burns | Resident Advisor

And to kick off 2012 we have a dark and gutsy January release from Olivier S entitled ‘Rebound / Echogirls‘. Well that’s about it for this year … so other than wishing everyone a proverbial Merry Christmas & Happy New Year we would also like to say a big thank-you to all those DJ’s/labels/friends who have taken the time to listen to and download our artists releases – it’s much appreciated and we’ll be back with more excellent music in 2012.