Today sees the release of 'Analog Exile | Pleasant Bits’ by Olivier S. This is Olivier’s 6th EP on Teleskopik’s label and as always he has managed to produce another outstanding example of techno staying true to his unique style and flair.

‘Analog Exile’ slowly evolves around an insistent rich driving techno beat, allowing for intermittent melodies and minimal percussion to float in and out, creating a distinct 70’s lounge element. ‘Pleasant Bits’ has a more upbeat feel, rich in distorted percussions and voice samples creating a unique hypnotic industrial electro sound.

Oliviers' EP is now available at all major online music stores and meanwhile you can check out the audio preview on our releases page.

There’s more news to follow over the summer including the introduction of a new artist and the release of our compilation EP, Years 5+6. Until then …