Jamie Ball, an artist renowned globally for his uncompromising techno sound, delivered a timeless 2-track EP of minimal techno on Teleskopik under his “Action Bastard” alias in 2009.

Kisschase.blogspot.be said it all in their review on ‘Love Song’; a slow building track around a delayed “dub-like” beat.

2. Jamie Ball as Action Bastard "Love Song" (Teleskopik Music, 12") | www.kisschase.blogspot.be - Dec 31, 2010

'No, no, no, no, no. This is so wrong. And yet so right. If you're acquainted with the music of Jamie Ball, you'll be expecting an adrenalin-pumping, borderline insane, assault of bounce-techno. If you haven't come across Jamie Ball, you might be expecting that this "Action Bastard" persona is some kind of noise maverick: a purveyor of harsh frequencies, maybe of harsh guitars, certainly of enforced chaos. But "Love Song" drowns any preconceptions in still, lakeland beauty, in stately ascetism and *extremely* repetitious minimalism: it's a looped, stubbed, faststep pulse around which clipped synths oscillate like patterns on the mere, the kind of bountiful near-classical plaintiveness that we'd expect from the Remote Viewer were they gracing us with new records today. And then, a mere seven or so minutes in, that unchanging pulse is overtaken by distant, beautiful piano, like a cold mist hovering above Tarn Hows, a dreamy coda that brings us to the end of a rather blissful whole. "Love Song" is a rare groove, and to be honest is no more hard-techno than your favourite indiepop band. It is, however, confusingly good: despite breakneck pace, it's a brave, dignified and (whisper) even romantic single, the like of which you will not regularly trip across.'

You can check out an audio sampling of 'Love Song' in our releases catalog or buy direct from Beatport.