Firstly just a wee reminder that 'The Trip | The Destination' by Alex Snell aka Revised Philosophy is now on sale at Beatport and other major online music stores ...

  • ‘4/5. Top! The Destination is my fav!’ - Patrick Pulsinger | Compost Black Label | Scram | Compost Records | Disko B
  • ‘4/5. Cool tripped out tracks. Thanks!’ - Tyler Stadius | Deep Xperience | Fabric Records
  • ‘4/5. I like both tracks! Thanks.’ - DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz
  • ‘4/5. Good stuff.’ - DJ Kat Advok

And looking ahead to October we have a stompin' tech-house remix EP up for release. Originally produced by the talented Joe Europe 'Cupid' has been remixed, tweaked and manipulated by Elexx and mr23 ... more to come on that EP, but meanwhile you can listen to the tail-waggin' original on our releases page.