Before spouting forth about our next release don’t forget that LEsombre 'Little Boy | Space' is now on sale at all major online music stores, including Beatport. We received some excellent feedback on this minimal techno EP, so many thanks to those DJ’s/music producers who took the time to respond - it is always greatly appreciated by us and the artists.

So coming up and due for release on 10 July, 2014 is 'The Trip | The Destination'by British DJ and producer, Alex Snell aka Revised Philosophy. ‘The Trip’ gracefully combines rich melodic synth structures with dark hypnotic rhythms, resulting in one of the finest minimal tracks we’ve ever released. The flip-side ‘The Destination’ is a more stripped-down techno track, slowly evolving around cut-up percussions and a rolling bassline; a very strong release indeed …

  • ‘4/5. Top! The Destination is my fav!’ - Patrick Pulsinger | Compost Black Label | Scram | Compost Records | Disko B
  • ‘4/5. Cool tripped out tracks. Thanks!’ - Tyler Stadius | Deep Xperience | Fabric Records
  • ‘4/5. I like both tracks! Thanks.’ - DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz
  • ‘4/5. Good stuff.’ - DJ Kat Advok
  • ‘8/10. Teleskopic!’ - Samotarev | Green Snake Records| Proton Radio | Refelctions (Insomnia FM)
  • ‘3/5.’ - Minus Records

So now you know how good it is you can swing by our releases page and let your auditory senses confirm that yes it is indeed feckin’ excellent!

Following Alex’s release we have a wicked remix EP, courtesy of Elexx and mr23, of the track 'Cupid' originally by the very talented Joe Europe … so check back for the release date on that one. Until then keep on dancing …