For Teleskopik's 36th release and the second chapter of their collaboration, Elexx and Olivier S have explored new sonic territories. "Somewhat Different" combines dark 808 electro beats with melodic classical piano resulting in a unique soothing jazzy electronic atmosphere.

Released at the same time was TKK037 by Olivier S with his signature dark techno style. "Don't Ask Me How" fuses beautifully textured synths with a dirtier analog sound while often recalling the tone of early 90s Detroit artists.

Both hit the digital shelves on 9th July and are available to buy at all major online music stores, including Beatport.

Here’s some of the feedback for ‘Don’t Ask Me How’:

  • ‘5/5. Brilliant! Dirty as hell!’ Timo Maas | Rockets & Ponies
  • ‘4/5. Sexy Italo vibes on this ...lush late night groove.’ Hifi Sean | Defected
  • ‘4/5. Nice beats! Thank you.’ Josh Butler | Cajual | Noir
  • ‘4/5. dl 4 c2 thx!’ Carl Craig c/o | Planet E Communications
  • ‘5/5. Will play! Thanks!’ Olderic | Connaisseur Recordings
  • ‘5/5. You'd think I wouldn't like this, but it’s absolute class!’ Kissy Sell Out | San City High Records
  • ‘5/5. Fucking sexy!’ Innellea | Club Autonomica
  • ‘4/5. Great track, got my full support.’ Craig Bailey | MoS
  • ‘4/5. Great record!’ The Supermen Lovers | Word Up Records
  • ‘4/5. Don't Ask Me How is really intriguing.’ Oisin Lunny | Phoenix Magazine

And here’s some of the the feedback for ‘Somewhat Different’:

  • ’5/5. Great one. Both tracks are really good. Love this electro style. For sure in my box. Gerzee | Dangerous Drums, Berlin
  • ‘4/5. Digging the electro cut, thanks.’ Noah Pred | Biotop | Compute
  • ‘5/5. YES, YES, YES.’ Horse Meat Disco Strut Records
  • ‘4/5. UNIQUE ... loving it.’ Be Svendsen | Crosstown Rebels
  • ‘5/5. Nice moody electro vibes, nice baseline with an interesting piano break.’ EMINENT | Motion Resident, Bristol
  • ‘5/5. Somewhat is a coool tune! Great tune to close a night!’ aMo | The Q Club, UK
  • ‘4/5. Lovely track.’ Martyn Fitzgerald | Handsome, East Bloc, London

Check back to view more feedback over the next couple of weeks.