minimal techno tech-house by teleskopik recordings

In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove … and one kid loved that groove more than anything else in the world. Born in Ireland, raised in Spain and currently residing in Glasgow, Scotland, his upbringing was a multicultural one. From a young age he benefited from a musical education; but it wasn’t until after a chance encounter with some deep, hypnotic sounds in his teens that his true ‘musical education’ began. Exploring all sorts of weird, futuristic sounds, he particularly loved the house tracks put out by labels like Hooj and made by artists like Danny Howells and Spirit Catcher. His love of ambient soundscapes and harsh, pounding rhythms quickly became an obsession that gradually developed into a desire to make it his own. Various influences came together; raw acid house and blissed out Balearic vibes combined with London bass music and stripped-down funk creating Boom Merchant’s unique, fresh sound.

  • INFLUENCES: Derrick May, Orbital, Plastikman, John Digweed, Hybrid, Silicone Soul, Blake Baxter, Underground Resistance
  • RELEASED ON: Process Recordings, Kotangens Records, Detox Recordings, Coincidence Records
  • FACT: DJ’d at a party where the roof caved in

Hungarian, Cave Sedem, has had a healthy interest in music since the age of 12 and by secondary school was running underground dance parties and playing on the school radio. Cave initially concentrated on dark and tribal techno, then moved onto electro, but it was when he discovered ‘The Age of Search and Destruction’ that he turned his attentions to making his own music of deep sounding minimal tracks. Moving to Scotland he became well known on the club scene securing resident DJ positions at Club Red, The Hive and Club EGO. His first track ‘Magnetowid’ was released in January 2007 and since then he has released music under several labels.

  • INFLUENCES: Gui Boratto, Kraftwerk, Yonderboi, Luciano, Los Updates, Schiller, Loco Dice, Sis
  • RELEASED ON: Armada Music, Presslab Records, FeralCode Records, Gangsta Audio
  • FACT: Hosts radio show Audio Bliss on Nugen.FM

Dave Tarrida’s music career started as a promoter and DJ with Edinburgh’s infamous Sativa Club; a debut platform for the likes of the now well-known Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt. This developed into a partnership with Steve Glencross creating the label Sativa Recordings; instrumental in producing and promoting influential music from the likes of Christian Vogel, Adam X, DJ Hell and Jay Denham. At the end of the 90's Dave relocated to his native Barcelona, Spain and since then has been building an extensive library of LP’s, EP’s and remixes releasing on major labels. As a DJ Dave’s creativity and broad knowledge of electronics and techno has instigated a strong following, not only in Europe, but also across the USA, Central and South America, Japan and Australia. He can often be found playing at such legendary clubs as Tresor, The Omen, Ultrashall, The Rex Club, Flex, Fabrik and The Fuse, as well as the major music festivals.

  • INFLUENCES: Early 90′s Sheffield bleep sound (Unique 3, LFO) and early German techno like PCP/The Mover
  • RELEASED ON: Tresor, Musick, Sativae, Drought, Scandinavia and more
  • FACT: Set-up and ran the infamous Edinburgh Sativa(e) nightclub and record label