minimal techno tech-house by teleskopik recordings

Joe Europe is a DJ and producer based in London. As a DJ he started out by spinning a mixture of old, scratchy Chicago house records; jackin’, stripped down techno and an assortment of other musical gems. Over the years, Joe’s style has been developed and refined as his experience increased and his horizons widened. In the studio Joe’s influences are broad ranging, but his artistic focus is squarely in that ambiguous area between house and techno. April 09 saw his debut single being released which has gathered support from the likes of Laurent Garnier and D. Ramirez. Since then Joe has proved his musical ability time and time again with his latest EP’s released on Vitalik and Falk Recordings.

  • INFLUENCES: The electronic sound that came out of Detroit and Chicago; New Wave, Latin, Jazz, Funk, Disco
  • RELEASED ON: Sokolov Sounds, Gemini Recordings, Aenaria Music, Monique Chronique and more
  • FACT: Runs an underground night Ears Have Eyes in a secret location in East London (UK)

Olivier’s early influences include Motown, New Wave and psychedelic space rock music before he discovered the funky beats of electronic house music during the early 90s. In 1992 he collaborated with Elexx and together they produced a highly successful weekly French radio show devoted to electronic music. Olivier has continued with radio show broadcasting from Angouleme, France where he now lives. Olivier’s dark and melodic style containing organic and warm overtones comes from a variety of influences such as Drexciva, AFX, Autechre, James Pennington through to George Clinton, James Brown and conventional jazz. He has released three 2-track EP’s and a 1-track EP on Teleskopik Recordings.

  • INFLUENCES: Early 70′s break funk, Drexciya, AFX and producers James Pennington and Dan Curtin
  • RELEASED ON: Teleskopik Recordings
  • FACT: Hosted a weekly radio show dedicated to electronic music (1993 to 2009)

Pereeskop is a minimal techno DJ and producer based in Fastiv – near Kiev in Ukraine. Starting his musical career in 2000, he still is one of the very few artists producing minimal techno music in his country. Influenced by artists such as Antoine Clamaran, Pete Tong, Thomas Schumacher and Stephan Bodzin, Pereeskop’s sound elegantly blends deep minimal beats with darker melodic tones.

  • INFLUENCES: Stephan Bodzin, Thomas Schumacher, Stimming, Duoteque, Microtrauma and dOP
  • RELEASED ON: Bulldozer Records, Ukraine Underground Records and FS Records
  • FACT: Studied computer graphics enabling him create his own videos for his music