Years 1&2

Techno | Tech-House | Minimal Techno | Various artists
EAN: 4250532525694 // Date: 17 Dec 2010 // Ref: TKV001

  • Cave Sedem
  • Dave Tarrida
  • Elexx
  • Gofrilab
  • Jamie Ball
  • Joe Europe
  • mr23
  • Olivier S
  • Sylar

To mark their two-year milestone, and to enter the Christmas spirit, Teleskopik Recordings have released ‘the best of’ from their last ten EP’s on a ‘Christmas’ compilation: "Years1&2". Artists include, among others, Dave Tarrida, Cave Sedem, Elexx, Joe Europe and Gofrilab. If a good mix of minimal techno and tech-house is what you are looking for, then look no further.