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Teleskopik’s minimal techno tech-house agenda 2013

Thanxs to one and all who took the time to download and listen to our end of year Christmas offering ‘Years 3&4‘ – it was a huge success and we would like to thank especially all the DJ’s that left feedback – it’s much appreciated …


New minimal techno and tech-house compilation released today

Just a wee reminder that Teleskopik Recordings compilation EP ‘Years 3&4′ is being released TODAY, so if you like good music go grab a FREE sample of our Christmas offering! The tracks are what we considered the best of our 2011 and 2012 catalog …


More on forthcoming release of our new compilation Years 3&4

To mark their four-year milestone and partake of the Christmas spirit, Teleskopik Recordings will release ‘the best of’ their 2011-2012 releases.