Just a wee reminder that ’Cupid | Remixes’ is available to buy from all major online music stores including Beatport. We had some great support and feedback on this EP a preview of which you can hear on our releases page …

Next off the ramp, and the final Teleskopik release for this year, is by Belgian DJ/Producer, Dries Tessens entitled ’Säbeltanz | Into my Room’. ‘Säbeltanz’is an outstanding dance floor track, intelligently mixing staccato minimal percussions with rolling synth phrases. ‘Into my Room’ is more reminiscent of the new German minimal techno sound, with heavy analog chords and detailed rhythms, delivering a darker, more emotional tone.

The release date is set for 23.12.2014, but we will get back to you with feedback before then, as well as our updates for the beginning of 2015! Ciao for now …

  • ’4/5 - I like both tracks! Thank you.’ - DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz
  • ’4/5 - ‘Great track. Elexx vs Olivier S is fat too. Thanks!’ - DJ Kat Advok
  • ’4/5 - ‘The Remix has a nice feel.’ - Stephen Brown
  • ’3/5.’ - Minus Records