Teleskopik Recordings last minimal techno release by Wiseman TheFamous is now on sale at all the usual online music stores including Beatport. The 2-track EP ‘Southbound | Sax on Fire’ was a big hit with DJ’s and will no doubt be included in their sets and favoured by the minimal techno enthusiasts.

  • 'Teaser for Southbound sounds excellent, looking forward to listening to them both in full …’ - Rhuari | No input
  • '4/5.' - DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz
  • ’Will support. Kinda purdy. 7/10.’ - MFM | Alphamega | Between The Sounds
  • ‘3/5.’ - Kris & Nico | ex-RMN
  • '3/5.' - Jason Pepperell | JUICE FM
  • 'Cool grooves. 4/5.' - Orde Meikle | Soma Quality Recordings | Slam

For its 25th release, Teleskopik Recordings are pleased to introduce the work of up and coming artist Miguel Colmenares aka LEsombre with a solid 2 track minimal-tech EP. The main track 'Little Boy' is reminiscent of the 'Basic Channel' sound incorporating solid dance floor grooves, while hypnotic chord patterns slowly emerge to produce a dance-floor killer. The flip side 'Space' delivers a beautifully engineered tech-house sound, where solid rhythms are combined with dazzling baselines and uplifting melodies.

It’s currently doing the promo rounds and will be on sale as of 24 April, 2014, however, you can check a preview out by going to the releases page. For further info check out the artists page for LEsombre.

Our next release is scheduled for summer so until then keep listening and keep dancing.