Teleskopik Recordings are pleased to announce their 22nd release will be by the up and coming Portuguese techno collective In Pulse. Due for release on 10 October 2013, they have a roaring 2-track techno EP rich with industrial sounds, psychedelic melodies and indefatigable rhythms up for offer; these guys are definitely out to please the crowds with their well produced techno music.

Here is some feedback thus far ...

  • 'Cool sounds. Makes me think of Maetrik. Will try for sure.' - DJ Estroe | Connaisseur Recordings | EevoNext | Tulipa Recordings
  • 'Sounds really good. Thank-you.' - DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz

A quick reminder also that ‘Dark Shadows | Elves’ by French music producer Olivier S is now on sale at all the major online music stores including Beatport. Click on the above link to listen to why there is such a huge amount of interest in this EP. This is Oliviers’ 4th release on Teleskopik and he has proved himself to be a very popular artist amongst DJ’s and minimal techno lovers alike. His previous EP’s include: ‘Rebound | Echogirls’, ‘Nautilis | Wave Particle Duality’, ‘Little Monster | Bring the Beat’.

And finally, contrary to the previous news update Elexx will now be releasing his next EP on Teleskopik in December – we’ll keep you posted with the finer details nearer the time; meanwhile you can check out some of Elexx’s previous releases on Teleskopik with ‘Chords Part I’ and the ‘Alien Rendez-vous’ EP’s being particular favourites with DJ’s and followers.