Teleskopik Recordings are very pleased to be finally releasing their November EP by the ever popular Elexx. The Frenchman has yet again nailed it with ‘Dark Intentions | Andromeda’. On sale as of today at all major online music stores this techno EP is, quite frankly, bloody good …

'Dark Intentions' beautifully combines driving minimal rhythms with dark pads and arp like melodies. The flip-side 'Andromeda' is a slower warmer track; full of analog synthesiser sounds, pulsating rhythms and old skool techno influences.

  • 'Both good tracks, although Dark Intentions is my fav ... loving all the synth work.' - Stephen Brown | Indigo Aera | Transmat | Subject Detroit
  • 'Good traxx.' - Kris&Nico | ex-RMN
  • 'Nice, will support Andromeda, 7/10.' - d-phrag | Red Soho | Bonzai Progressive | Mirabilis Records
  • 'Super harmony, will support Dark Intentions, 10/10.' - DJ Willi P | DRS Virus Radio
  • 'Solid, will support Andromeda, 8/10.' - Aaron Lee | Levitate | Nightshade | Polytechnic | 2RB
  • 'Cool, will support both tracks, 9/10.' - DJ Tallo | Me On the Dancefloor Radio
  • ‘Dark Intentions, will support, 8/10.’ - Noel Sangar | Dissident Music | Armada | Perfecto | Baroque
  • 'Not exactly my style, but Andromeda has a dark intensity that I like. I will give it a try.' - Christos Kedras | Kappa Music | Stealth Records
  • 'I will try these in my sets. I'm not sure yet. Thanks.' - DJ Estroe | Connaisseur Recordings | EevoNext | Tulipa Recordings
  • 'Great EP. Thank-you.' - DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz

Just a quick reminder that ‘Urban Owl | Allegro Mas No Tropo’ by In Pulse is currently on sale – check out it out, it’s worth a listen …

  • ‘Nice, will support Urban Owl, 8/10.′ – Suffused Music | Mistique Music | LuPS Recordings
  • ‘Ok, will support Allegro Mas No Tropo, 8/10.′ – DJ Flacxa | Tag Club, Italy

Check back in December to get info on our next release which, of course, is crackin’. Until then …