minimal techno tech-house by teleskopik recordings



Based in Paris, France, Gofrilab appeared on the music scene a couple of years ago and have been proactive in making a name for themselves. Using primarily analog equipment, their sound is a combination of fat synthesizer lines and driving rhythms, with a definite and healthy dose of oldskool influences. With recent releases on Teleskopik, Cold Busted and Junky Robot, as well as live appearances at the Batofar and Le Rocher, Paris Gofrilab are making a noticeable dent in the current French techno scene.

  • INFLUENCES: Kraftwerk, Glenn Miller, Jeff Mills, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, David Bowie
  • RELEASED ON: Junky Robot Records, Cold Busted Records
  • FACT: Gofrilab is Analog