Teleskopik's remixes for 'Cupid', originally by the ever talented Joe Europe, is now out in the promo arena and the initial feedback has been well positive. The original 'Cupid' was released in 2011 and being one of the most popular tracks on Teleskopik we thought we would get a couple of our artists to throw another perspective on the track using their individual styles ...

  • ‘4/5 - Highly enjoyable, a real head nodder.' - Rob Hughes | The Noise Gate (Online dance and electronic music magazine)
  • ‘4/5 - Elexx & Olivier S remix has a good strong techno sound; the mr23 remix catches me with groove and solid rhythms. Good EP.' - Miguel Colmenares | Freshart Music
  • '8/10 - Good driving beat, great midst party motivator. Will support.' - Edge Howk | Voodoo Lounge | EnSonic | FM Radio | VAPOR

The 'Cupid' remixes are also being featured on the 'The Noise Gate' website, an online dance and electronic music magazine, for the whole of this week - if you have the time we would appreciate your support for us and Noise Gate by checking it out and then sharing it if poss:

The Noise Gate - Cupid remixes

And here's a quick verbal and audio low-down while you're here ... mr23 delivers a truly unique tech-house rework of the original track, bringing solid rhythms together with elegantly structured synth melodies. The flip-side, remixed by Elexx and Olivier S, combines a harder darker sound encompassing driving minimal beats, reconstructing the original into a completely new techno track.


We have more wicked music lined up for before the end of the year with the introduction of a new artist and the return of Sylar, who proved himself to be a very talented individual with his 2010 release on Teleskopik 'Retrofitted | Heaven's Opening'.


So that's it for now, but we'll be back with more news on the above soon ... How soon? ... Very soon ...