The end of July saw the release of Teleskopik Recordings 13th 2-track musical offering. Produced by mr23 ‘Hypnosis | Floating‘ is full of ominous thrumming, big fat beats, groovy rhythms and lots of sass. Grab a taste of this addictive EP by going to our releases catalog or you can just buy direct from Beatport. As per usual we have had great support from the minimal techno DJ’s, so don’t be surprised to hear one of these tracks while out clubbing.

  • 'Nice. Will support, 10/10.' - DJ Tash | Movement Recordings | Tribal Vision | Vapour
  • 'Nice. Thanx.' - Orde Meikle | Soma Quality Recordings | Slam
  • 'Hey guys - love Hynosis - defo play this.' - DJ Joe Europe | Sokolov Sounds | Gemini Recordings | Monique Chronique
  • 'Thanks, downloading.' - Todd Burns | Resident Advisor
  • 'Thanks.' - DJ Farfa | Serial Killer Vinyl | Audio Esperanto | Lapsus Music

As mentioned in the last news update we welcome on board a new artist to Teleskopik by the name of Pereeskop: a popular DJ and Producer from the Ukraine. Pereeskops‘ ‘Abandon Hope / Back to Pripyat‘ 2-track EP is Teleskopik’s 14th release and will be out on 28 September, 2011 – so don’t forget to come back and visit our releases catalog for an aural sampling. Designed for minimal techno fans this EP will not disappoint with its elegant blend of minimal techno beats and dark, rich melodic tones.

And looking ahead to the latter part of the year we are very pleased to have Jamie Ball as Action Bastard, Olivier S and Cave Sedem all scheduled for further releases with Teleskopik, so we will keep you updated with all of that. We are also unleashing a new series entitled TKK Unreleased Vol 1, with the first two tracks by Elexx and Olivier S – this is something a bit different so be sure to check back in October for release date and samples. Until then…