Just a wee reminder that Teleskopik Recordings compilation EP ‘Years 3&4′ is being released TODAY, so if you like good music go grab a FREE sample of our Christmas offering! The tracks are what we considered the best of our 2011 and 2012 catalog …

Tracks included are by Elexx, Joe Europe, Jamie Ball as Action Bastard, Cave Sedem, Olivier S, Boom Merchant, mr23 and Pereeskop – you truly will not be disappointed if you’re into good techno / tech-house / minimal. No need to take my word for it - here is what the DJ's have been saying ...

  • ‘Nice dubby vibe. Good work!’ – Northern Monkey | Frisky Radio for elexx – Chords Part 2
  • ‘Nice. Will support, 9/10.′ – DJ Tash | Movement Recordings | Tribal Vision | Vapour for Cave Sedem – Acidground
  • ‘Nice. Will support, 10/10.′ – DJ Tash | Movement Recordings | Tribal Vision | Vapour for Jamie Ball as Action Bastard – Island Side
  • ‘Solid tune! Will support, 8/10. ’ – Aaron Lee | Levitate | Nightshade | Polytechnic | 2RB for Olivier S – Nylon Obsession
  • 'Nice. Will support, 6/10.' - DJ Tash | Movement Recordings | Tribal Vision | Vapour for Olivier S – Nylon Obsession
  • 'Very good. Will support, 8/10.' - Dingle (Metadeko) | Baroque| Babylon | Workout | Airport Route | Bonzai for Elexx - Chords Part 2, Alien Rendez-vous
  • 'SICK! Will support, 7/10.' - d-phrag | Red Soho | Bonzai Progressive | Mirabilis Records for Cave Sedem - Acidground
  • 'Nice EP. Thank-you.' - DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz
  • 'Nice.' - DJ Fady | Silver Club, Bucharest
  • 'Solid EP ... I think I will play it in my radio show.' - DJ Kat Advok
  • 'Cool and original. Will support.' - DJ Clint Maximus | The Edge Radio

And the amazingness doesn’t end there! I know take a seat and wipe your brow for also included are three exclusive unreleased bonus tracks – it’s a Christmas miracle so it is – anyway start clicking and downloading, liking and recommending so that you, your friends, your cousins, sisters, brothers and aunts, uncles and in-laws and complete strangers will have the opportunity to download a 6 track FREE sample – in other words if you can help us spread the music it would be much appreciated.

Merry Christmas everyone!