minimal techno tech-house by teleskopik recordings

Belgian producer/DJ, Dries Tessens, creates his unique style with a cocktail of melodic techno and tech house, filled up with dirty analog progressive grooves. His background as a drummer and keyboard player in several bands helped determine the character of his music. However, inbetween band rehearsals, computers and headphones became more and more prominent allowing Dries to discover the secrets of electronic music, with an initial interest in techno and progressive trance music. These days, Dries produces electronic music for several labels and performs as a guest DJ in his hometown of Antwerp, playing trendy and dirty progressive techno music to a packed dance floor. Dries has released his music on several labels including Bonzai, Daviddance and City Wall Records, as well as producing remixes for several artists like Sheila D. (USA), Mary Keey (UK) and Armchair Generals (USA).

  • INFLUENCES: Rock music, techno, progressive trance
  • RELEASED ON: Bonzai, Daviddance and City Wall Records
  • FACT: Performs as a guest DJ in his hometown of Antwerp

Mr23's remix of 'Cupid' kicks off the A-side delivering a truly unique tech-house rework of the original track, bringing solid rhythms together with elegantly structured synth melodies. The flip-side remixed by Elexx & Olivier S combines a harder darker sound encompassing driving minimal beats, reconstructing the original into a completely new techno track.

  •   RELEASED ON: 31-10-2014
  •   CAT#: TKK027
  •   EAN: 4250782359636
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What the DJ's have to say ...

  • '4/5 - Highly enjoyable, a real head nodder.'
    Rob Hughes | The Noise Gate
  • '4/5 - Elexx & Olivier S - good strong techno sound; mr23 remix has groove & solid rhythms. Good EP.'
    Miguel Colmenares | Freshart Music
  • '8/10 - Good driving beat, great midst party motivator. Will support.'
    Edge Howk | Voodoo Lounge | EnSonic | FM Radio | VAPOR
  • '4/5 - I like both tracks! Thank you.'
    DJ Robert Grand | ZYX Music | Steady Beatz
  • '4/5 - Great track. Elexx vs Olivier S is fat too. Thanks.'
    DJ Kat Advok
  • '4/5 - The Remix has a nice feel.'
    Stephen Brown | Transmat | Djax
  • '3/5.'
    Minus Records